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Explore Callan Institute's library of pre-recorded webinars on specific investment-related topics.

Credit Dislocation Webinar (2020)

Callan’s Catherine Beard, Nate Wong, and Weston Lewis share the impact of dislocation on the global economy, industry sectors, loans, and government policy and explain private credit strategies and outline opportunities in the cycle. You’ll also hear from a broader perspective, how some of Callan clients are looking at these opportunities, and how this translates into an institutional investors’ portfolio.

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Demystifying China Webinar (2020)

In this webinar, Callan’s China specialists discuss the key factors driving China’s economic growth, China’s capital markets and where they fit in a global equity structure, characteristics of the China manager universe and product offerings, and strategies for investing in future opportunities.

You’ll walk away with a clearer picture of China, as well as specific steps you can take to make informed investment decisions.

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Hedge Fund Webinar (2020)

During this webinar, our experts share the role hedge funds play in a broader portfolio and the market conditions that lead to positive and negative performance, how hedge funds performed in 1Q20, what opportunities may be most compelling moving forward, and how clients can evaluate different hedge fund strategies to measure risk and help accomplish their goals.

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DC Trends Survey Webinar (2020)

During this webinar, Callan experts Jamie McAllister and Greg Ungerman offer key insights from our DC Trends Survey. They discuss in detail the SECURE Act, retirement income solutions, and plan leakage as well as other key findings. They are joined by an industry specialist, Marla Kreindler, partner at Morgan Lewis.

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Capital Market Assumptions Webinar (2020)

Each year, Callan's Capital Markets Research Group develops long-term assumptions that include expectations for returns and volatility, as well as correlations across broad asset classes. These assumptions are a key input into the strategic allocation decisions of Callan's institutional investor clients. During this webinar, you will learn the process and rationale behind these long-term assumptions and the potential implications for strategic recommendations.

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ESG Adoption and Implementation Trends Webinar (2019)

Uncover the results of Callan's 2019 ESG Survey, highlighting the trends in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing. Survey author Anna West and Callan consultant Tom Shingler share key takeaways on our findings and explore broader trends in the ESG realm, including investor implementation and the regulatory environment.

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Deep Dive into the Callan DC Index (2019)

Callan experts Ann O'Bradovich and Jimmy Veneruso take a deep dive into the trends shaping the defined contribution (DC) industry. Leveraging our proprietary data, including the Callan DC Index™ and the Callan Target Date Index™, they explore the major issues facing DC plan sponsors and asset managers. They provide insights into our discussions with clients and examine how these trends affect plans and participants.

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Sizing up the Cobbler's Shoes (2019)

How well do investment managers run their own 401(k) plans for their employees? Callan CEO and Chief Research Officer Greg Allen, along with co-author Matt Loster, did the analysis in their study, “The Cobbler’s Shoes.” Using federal government data and Callan’s database to examine the practices of asset managers,they uncover key insights around best practices within the defined contribution marketplace.

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Defined Contribution Trends Survey (2019)

Callan’s annual Defined Contribution Trends Survey is designed to help plan sponsors understand the nuanced practices of the DC marketplace. In this webinar, Callan's Greg Ungerman and Jamie McAllister present the survey's key findings, including trends surrounding fiduciary positioning and fluctuations in plan fees. Additionally, Jack VanDerhei of the Employee Benefit Research Institute discusses the current state and direction of employers' financial well-being programs.

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ESG Adoption and Implementation Trends (2018)

Callan’s 2018 ESG Survey finds that around half of U.S. institutional investors currently consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors when making investment decisions, or are considering doing so in the future. While this space has gained momentum in recent years, Callan finds substantial differences in ESG implementation by fund type and size, and in how investors define and approach ESG.

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Infrastructure: Real Perspectives on an Evolving Asset Class

March 2018

Callan experts Jan Mende, Real Assets Consulting group, and Mark Andersen, Trust Advisory group, join moderator and fund sponsor consultant Brianne Weymouth for an informative and practical webinar on infrastructure investing. Explore current infrastructure sectors and investable opportunities, access points, further consideration for evaluating expected risk/return of unlisted strategies, the evolution of investor allocations and benchmarks, as well as and fundraising, sector performance, and investor outlooks. Download the presentation.


Investigating Private Equity Implementation

October 2017

Callan's 2017 Private Equity Survey author Jay Nayak and Callan CEO and Chief Research Officer Greg Allen share key takeaways on our findings. They cover the impact that factors such as governance and oversight, staffing and resources, and the assignment of administration functions have on the structuring and investment of institutional private equity programs. Download the presentation.


The Ins and Outs of White Label Funds

May 2017

This webinar highlights the key findings from “White Label Funds: A No-Nonsense Design Handbook,” which was published in the Journal of Retirement and was authored by Callan experts Rod Bare, Jay Kloepfer, and James Veneruso. They discuss the advantages of white label funds, which are generic investment structures that use a mix of underlying funds. They are a compelling way to offer active management in large defined contribution plans. Download the presentation.


10 Tips for Successful Investment Committees

April 2017

Callan Executive Chairman Ron Peyton and Consultant Brady O’Connell offer their insights based on what they’ve seen from effective investment committees. Underlying these 10 practical tips is a guiding principle for institutional investors: focus on avoiding losses rather than trying to achieve extraordinary gains. Download the presentation.