Engaging diverse and emerging managers since 2010

It is the 10th anniversary of Callan Connects! Our founder Ed Callan laid the groundwork for our diverse and emerging manager engagement in the early 1990s—and ultimately the launch of Callan Connects in 2010. Ever since, expanding our universe of emerging managers and diverse-, women-, or disabled-owned (DWDO) firms has been a part of our unique manager search process.

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Celebrating 10 years!

As the first-of-its-kind program in the investment consulting industry, Callan Connects is entirely focused on engaging engaging diverse and emerging managers. Our sessions feature one-on-one meetings with Callan professionals, discussing your firm's organizational structure, staff, investment process, and resulting performance.

This year, we're celebrating our 10th anniversary. Read about it here.


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Small firms with big ideas

The importance of diverse and emerging manager engagement has increased as institutional investors look to add new talent to their rosters and managers that reflect the diversity of fund beneficiaries. With Callan Connects, we expanded our universe of diverse-, women-, or disabled-owned firms (DWDO) and emerging managers—and over 300 firms have participated in Callan Connects since inception.

It all began with our founder Ed Callan, who made it his mission to advocate for diversity across the financial industry. He supported many initiatives throughout his lifetime. As an example, he and Marx Cazenave co-founded Progress Investment Management, which proved to be a game-changer for the industry’s move toward diverse and emerging managers.

Each quarter we meet with firms in various cities around the U.S. to make it more convenient for them to talk with our consultants. They may also request a meeting. Prior to meeting with us, we encourage firms to complete our investment manager questionnaire to ensure consideration in our searches. There is no fee to be included in our database. Firms include:

  • DWDO firms (less than $10 billion in AUM) and emerging managers (less than $3 billion in AUM) 
  • Private equity emerging managers currently raising or have recently raised Funds I, II, or III with a fund size/target at least $50 million but not above $1 billion

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Since Callan Connects began in 2010

Learn about our uniquely inclusive manager search process in this blog post by our Executive Chairman Ron Peyton.

Callan Inclusion Committee

The committee collaborates on Callan’s DWDO manager outreach activities, helping to ensure our commitment to diversity is consistent across our consulting offices, communications, and industry engagements.

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