Discretionary Services

Trusted oversight to help you meet increasingly complex needs

As an industry leader in providing discretionary services, we employ a consultative approach to working with you, focusing on building portfolios and solutions that are responsive to your needs. While we offer fully built, ready-made plan options, we have developed a discretionary practice that is truly an extension of our traditional consulting services, rather than building only prepackaged “solutions.”

For more than a decade, we’ve partnered with many different client types such as:

We can provide a full spectrum of options tailored to meet your unique goals, circumstances, and in-house expertise.   

A Team Approach with Access to Specialists

As a discretionary client, you will receive the full benefit of all our consulting services, including proprietary research, highly experienced investment consultants, and an experienced team of more than 40 research specialists

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Full Suite of Funds

Cost-effective funds that leverage the best of our manager research capabilities

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Comprehensive 3(38) Fiduciary Services

Adheres to best practices, draws heavily on the structure we put into place for Callan's own 401(k) plan, and is designed to put your participants first


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Years  implementing multi-manager portfolios

Callan GlidePath® Funds

The Callan GlidePath® Funds is a series of diversified investment funds or target maturity/target date funds, designed as a “single-investment” solution for participants of defined contribution plans. By automatically adjusting their asset allocation to become more conservative over time, these funds are designed to achieve the appropriate level of risk for each stage of a participant’s life.

Fund Objectives

  • Provide investors with efficient, diversified exposure to the key asset classes employed by large retirement plans
  • Automatically adjust the asset allocation of each fund to achieve an appropriate level of risk for each stage of a participant’s life
  • Build a high-caliber team of institutional portfolio managers with a diverse set of views and a broad range of perspectives on the markets
  • Focus on fees and costs, employing a sensible blend of active and passive strategies, while working to keep fund expenses as low as possible


Callan MultiManager℠ Core Funds

Featuring a variety of different firms in a single fund, the Callan MultiManager℠ Core Funds allow for the selection of best-in-class investment firms and the flexibility to replace managers should circumstances change. It is the approach employed by most large institutional investors, and we have implemented this approach in all of these funds.

The funds are built to provide participants in defined contribution plans can have diversified exposure to major asset classes, including large cap U.S. equity, small cap U.S. equity, non-U.S. equity, fixed-income, real assets, emerging market equities, and high yield fixed income.


Each fund is designed with a top-down perspective and has a clearly articulated return and risk objective. Underneath the hood, each fund utilizes a diversified mix of experienced investment managers (sub-advisors). These sub-advisors are selected based on their experience and expertise in managing a specific strategy. When combined into a multi-manager fund, these strategies are complementary and result in a well-diversified asset class portfolio.

Contact us for more information on these funds.

Greg Allen

CEO & Chief Research Officer

Greg Allen

“Investment committees want to be the best plan fiduciaries they can be. Yet today’s CFOs and human resource and treasury professionals are time starved. Many don’t want to take their hands off the wheel entirely, but they need more expertise to make decisions. We view discretionary services as an extension of traditional consulting services. We partner with our clients, picking up oversight at exactly the point where they need help – not based on a packaged plan. We tailor our service to support them as fiduciary partners.”

Greg Allen

CEO & Chief Research Officer

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