Manager Evaluation & Selection

Detailed and rigorous evaluation

For more than 50 years, we’ve worked with each of our clients to find the managers who fit their strategic goals.

No cookie-cutter buy lists. No uniform manager ratings. We partner with our clients to implement their portfolio design and structure with high-conviction and stable investment managers to achieve their specific risk and return objectives.

When you work with Callan, our independent, objective manager search and selection process defines your unique search objectives and criteria in a detailed profile while employing an open, inclusive, and documented approach to identifying potential manager candidates. It’s harder for us but better for you.


We objectively assess the manager candidates quantitatively and qualitatively. We conduct hundreds of manager diligence meetings per year and leverage our proprietary database

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Identify candidates that are consistent with each client's specific search criteria. No centralized buy lists. Each search is tailored to meet unique client goals

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Remove biases

Filter out unintentional biases through Callan’s Manager Search Oversight Committee. Each search undergoes a stringent peer review process

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Investment strategies collected in Callan’s proprietary database

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Average number of manager research meetings per year 

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Dedicated investment manager researchers

Mark Stahl

Manager of Global Manager Research

Mark Stahl

“We do not apply manager rankings, as this unnecessarily narrows your options. Instead, our manager evaluation process pairs our highest convictions with your unique needs. This allows your manager selections to reflect and express your specific strategic goals.”

Mark Stahl

Manager of Global Manager Research

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