Nuclear Decommissioning Trusts

Unique requirements, decades of experience

Callan has extensive experience providing services to nuclear decommissioning trust (NDT) sponsors. Issues of asset allocation and manager structure are not as clear-cut as they might be elsewhere due to the complex and evolving circumstances facing the typical NDT.

Our comprehensive, proprietary simulation model is able to evaluate the consequences of various investment strategies including static/dynamic asset allocation policies, active versus passive management, varying turnover assumptions and tax rates, rebalancing ranges and frequencies, differing amortization methodologies for rate calculations, simulated rate-hearings, and more.

Research and investment policy planning

We work with you to understand your investment objectives in order to establish a sound fiduciary process for decision-making. The result should be a blueprint for fund management at both the broad asset class and individual manager level, with the ultimate goal of reducing the volatility of your funded status and contributions while limiting the likelihood of a future deficit.

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Manager research

We put into practice all of the policies set in place during the planning phase, seeking tax-aware, alpha-generating active management where appropriate to complement low-turnover, cost-effective passive or quasi-passive strategies. Our search considerations are customized and depend on a variety of qualitative and quantitative considerations, built into our proprietary database.

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Implementation and monitoring

We have created a structured framework for consistently implementing NDT programs, which includes reviewing your fund's asset allocation at least every year to determine any adjustments required over time. Investment managers and their performance are also closely monitored through time.

Explore the results of our 2023 Nuclear Decommissioning Funding Study here.


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Callan turns 50

Callan turned 50 in 2023, and we know who to thank for that. Our clients. 

How we work with you.


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Strategic planning & asset allocation


Step 2

Policy development & risk assessment


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Manager structure


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Manager evaluation & selection

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Portfolio monitoring & ongoing education


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