Structured process, tailored results

Our approach to working with you is collaborative. Since every large investor like you has a distinct set of circumstances, we approach your needs with an open mind. We strive to build off the strengths already embedded in your program without taking a one-size-fits-all position.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning serves as the foundation for our work with you and sets the stage for successful implementation. It begins with an assessment of your investment objectives and goals. We take a disciplined approach to help you stay focused on the long term.

Manager Evaluation & Selection

During the plan implementation process, we conduct in-depth manager due diligence and searches as necessary, leveraging our proprietary manager database. We also carefully analyze fees and costs, review custody services, transition management options, and monitor performance.

Performance & Risk Reporting

We invest where others outsource. Callan has a robust, detailed institutional investor database with a long history of tracking return, risk, and asset allocation data on a vast array of fund types and sizes. You can use Callan data with confidence—we own it, analyze it, and control it.

Alternatives Consulting

Alternative investment consulting like private equity, private credit, hedge funds, real estate, and other real assets can play a key role in any portfolio and is integral, not additive, to our strategic consulting practice. We have one of the largest, most experienced alternatives consulting teams in the industry.

Implementation solutions

Callan was the first investment consultant to build expertise in custody, securities lending, and transition management consulting services, now collectively called  implementation solutions, for institutional investor plans. Due to overwhelming demand, we created a focused practice team for these services in 1991. 

Environmental, Social & Governance

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria may have a material impact on your investments. We have been providing investment consulting within the context of ESG and socially responsible investing programs for over two decades.


We have extensive experience providing services to nuclear decommissioning trust (NDT) sponsors, dating back to building the original Monte Carlo Simulation model for taxable trusts in 1991, and have completed dozens of NDT projects since then.

Discretionary Services

Our discretionary services are an extension of our traditional consulting services. We work with you to tailor a program to meet your needs, saving you time and resources. 

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