A culture grounded in entrepreneurship and respect

Since the firm’s founding in 1973, Callan has supported a collegial, inclusive culture. Because we aim to hire people from all walks of life, our clients benefit from the diversity of ideas, experiences, skills, and perspectives that each associate brings.

Callan joins over 900 CEOs to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

It starts at the top

While Callan still has a lot to do to accomplish our diversity goals, it’s important to make clear that we are practicing what we preach. And it starts at the top with our gender-diverse senior management team. In our view, when an organization has women and people of diverse backgrounds in senior positions, promoting women and/or diverse people becomes part of the natural process.



Management Committee

Female and/or diverse



Female and/or diverse



Female and/or diverse

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Diversity and inclusion at work

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is at the foundation of our firm, and it shows in all we strive to do for our associates, our communities, and the industry at large. Here are some examples:

Ensuring the senior team’s involvement in decisions, whether it touches on mentorships, promotions, or committee leadership, for example

Widening our hiring net to include those with non-traditional backgrounds (e.g., non-finance degrees for financial firms)

Partnering with United Way Bay Area and Summer Search to find candidates for our thriving internship program (we hire two interns a year into full-time roles)

Recruiting through university student and veteran groups to promote opportunities at Callan

Contributing to organizations, such as the United Way, that support at-risk youth, the disabled, the homeless, and more.

Selecting suppliers based on gender and ethnicity considerations, which includes nine women-owned professional services businesses

Offering family-friendly and flexible work programs

Organizations we support

Because we're all in this together, Callan supports many organizations that advocate for diversity.

Callan Inclusion Committee

The committee collaborates on Callan’s outreach to diverse and emerging managers, and helps to ensure our commitment to diversity is consistent across our consulting offices, communications, and industry engagements.

Read our Diversity & Inclusion policy.

Callan Connects: Engaging Diverse and Emerging Managers

In 2010, we launched Callan Connects, the first-of-its-kind program developed by an investment consulting firm to engage emerging investment managers and diverse-, women-, and disabled-owned (DWDO) firms. And in 2020, we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary.

Callan's history of researching diverse and emerging managers traces back to the early 1990s when Edwin Callan cofounded with Marx Cazenave the first multi-manager asset management firm promoting diversity within the institutional investment community. Callan conducted the initial DWDO research for the new firm and formalized the experience by launching Callan Connects to promote direct DWDO mandates. Since then, the firm has conducted over 300 meetings with DWDO asset managers and its clients have over $27 billion invested with these firms.

Learn more about our Callan Connects program.

Callan Connects is celebrating its 10th anniversary! Read about it here.

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