New York State Deferred Compensation Plan: Active U.S. Equity Management Services

MESSAGE TO BIDDERS (Posted April 17, 2024):

Dear Bidder: Please note that we have extended the RFP submission deadline from April 5 to May 8. An updated Calendar of Events can be found on page 6 of the RFP. Please note that the RFP Q&A period has not been re-opened. The final RFP Q&A can be found at the link near the bottom of this webpage. There were no other changes made to the RFP. If you already submitted a complete response by the former deadline (April 5), there is no need to resend or resubmit your response.

Original RFP:

The State of New York, through the New York State Deferred Compensation Board, is seeking formal written proposals from financial organizations to provide Active U.S. Equity Management Services for the New York State Deferred Compensation Plan. Proposals for strategies in the following asset classes will be considered:

  1. Active U.S. Large Cap Value Equity
  2. Active U.S. Large Cap Core Equity
  3. Active U.S. Large Cap Growth Equity
  4. Active U.S. Small-Mid (SMID) Cap Core Equity
  5. Active U.S. Small Cap Value Equity
  6. Active U.S. Small Cap Growth Equity

To be eligible for selection, the financial organization must be an organization duly authorized to do business in the State of New York, and be (i) a registered investment adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended, or (ii) a bank, as defined in that Act; or (iii) an insurance company qualified under the laws of more than one state to manage, acquire or dispose of assets of plans which meet the requirements for qualification under the Internal Revenue Code, governmental plans and eligible state deferred compensation plans.

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Extended closing date for submission of proposals: May 8, 2024

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