Independent Investment Advisers

Independent Adviser Group

Our Independent Adviser Group (IAG) synthesizes Callan’s resources into a comprehensive set of services for independent investment advisers and financial intermediaries. We have been serving this segment with a dedicated team of experienced professionals since 1992. Services include strategic planning, manager search, research, analytics, and performance reporting.

Each fall, IAG hosts a conference for members, covering insights on current investment topics, market and economic outlooks, and marketing trends delivered by Callan professionals.

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Middle Market Matrix

Our research platform, known as “Middle Market Matrix,” evaluates over 200 investment products for use in client portfolios.


AssetMax, our mean variance optimization and Monte Carlo modeling application, helps determine optimal asset allocation strategies and illustrate the trade-off between investment volatility and expected return.

20+ years: Average industry experience of IAG consultants

Performance Evaluation Program (PEP)

Our Performance Evaluation Program (PEP) allows IAG members to better understand the performance and portfolio characteristic patterns of existing or prospective client portfolios. It is powered by Callan’s database, which includes returns and holdings-based characteristics on thousands of investment products, indices, and peer groups.


OpCenter, a password-protected website, gives clients access to manager research and status notes, topical presentations, and consulting team communications.

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