Jim McKee Senior Vice President
and Director

Jim is Director of Callan's Hedge Fund Research group. An industry veteran, he joined Callan in 1989.

James C. McKee is a Senior Vice President and Director of Callan's Hedge Fund Research group. Jim specializes in hedge fund research addressing related issues of asset allocation, manager structure, manager search, and performance evaluation for Callan's institutional clients. Jim is a shareholder of the firm.

Jim joined Callan in 1989. Prior to his career at Callan, Jim worked with the Pacific Stock Exchange (PSE) from 1982 to 1989. Until 1985, Jim worked on the PSE's options trading floor. Thereafter, as manager of the PSE's securities research department, he was responsible for developing and monitoring new stock, bond, and option listings.

Jim earned an MBA in Finance from Golden Gate University in 1987. His graduate studies focused particularly on publicly traded securities and capital markets. He received his BA in Economics/Environmental Studies from Dartmouth College in 1982.

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