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Callan's Institutional Consulting Group (ICG) supports the success of the investment management community by providing market intelligence, portfolio analytics, and ongoing investment industry education to investment manager clients.

The Style, Trend, Analysis & Research (STAR) Report is the industry’s most comprehensive and accurate report on U.S. tax-exempt and mutual fund asset flows. It is a powerful benchmarking tool for institutional investment organizations as they develop business plans and set reasonable asset growth expectations.

Callan's STAR Report offers a rich context for defining a firm’s investment product positioning and marketing strategy by analyzing asset flows on more than 2,000 tax-exempt separate account and commingled fund products from over 600 organizations representing over $4 trillion in assets. The STAR Report also analyzes institutional share classes of close to 2,000 mutual funds representing over $4 trillion and retail share classes of over 3,000 mutual funds representing almost $3 trillion in assets.

To ensure that STAR users are receiving the most meaningful information possible, we actively solicit missing content, then verify (and often correct) data supplied by managers. In addition, Callan periodically adds and removes product categories to reflect evolving supply and demand among institutional investors.

Key findings from the report are discussed by Callan professionals in a Webinar held in March and September of each year. The Webinar sessions provide opportunities for professionals and teams across the client’s organization, including senior management, product development, and sales and consultant relations teams to participate in the discussion and share insights that will help planning for the future.

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Did you know...

According to the most recent STAR Report, assets continue to flow out of tax-exempt equity and fixed income products. This suggests an evolution in the fixed income structure of institutional investors employing tax-exempt products.


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