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Our Independent Adviser Group (IAG) synthesizes Callan’s resources into a comprehensive set of services for the independent investment adviser.

Callan’s Independent Adviser Group (IAG) counts among its clientele a select number of sophisticated investment advisers and financial intermediaries.

Our resources, industry experience, and collaborative consulting team support a unique community of professional advisers that serve high-net-worth individuals, family offices, endowments, foundations and qualified retirement plans. Our IAG Member Firms utilize our resources to build and maintain high-quality, client-centered investment advisory practices.

Callan has been serving independent investment advisers with a dedicated team of experienced professionals since 1991. The average industry experience of Callan’s IAG consultants is more than 20 years, with an average Callan tenure of over 10 years. This makes us one of the most experienced groups in the industry.

Benefits of IAG membership include:

  • Practice management insights: We work closely with our IAG Member Firms to address and support important practice management considerations such as strategic business planning, articulation of investment philosophy and service model, and streamlining of operations.
  • Comprehensive research, analytical tools, and databases: Our extensive collection of current and topical research, sophisticated analytical tools, and comprehensive databases can be leveraged to serve clients and prospects.
  • Institutional services: Institutional-quality investment management and custody services are negotiated to reduce fees and account size minimums where possible.
  • Overhead reduction: We enable Member Firms to reduce research and monitoring overhead and focus efforts on growing and maintaining their client base.
  • Open architecture: Our consulting platform ensures that IAG Members can use their clients’ existing investment managers and/or custodians if desired.
  • Collaboration: Members access the special skills and insights of other IAG Member Firms, which include a select roster of highly competent and objective advisory groups.

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Callan Case Studies

  • Leveraging research to assist in the vetting of investment managers


    This Midwest-based IAG Member serves approximately 65 middle-market institutional clients that total more than $8 billion in assets under advisement. The firm’s principals are longtime industry veterans with deep knowledge of investment managers and strategies; however, the firm lacks a staff dedicated solely to research.


    The firm turned to IAG, which provides the additional resources they need to select and monitor managers, thus leveraging Callan’s assets while providing the personalized service of a mid-size firm. They truly value the ability to obtain a second opinion on strategies and managers they may be considering.

    This firm’s involvement with us has also afforded them the opportunity to develop relationships with other like-minded IAG Members, with whom they have networked on matters of corporate structure, compensation, and succession planning.

  • Delivering outsourced solutions for a newly formed RIA


    One IAG Member is a newly formed RIA under the umbrella of a multi-generational insurance and wealth management organization. The IAG Member has a mere seven employees supporting 70-plus clients with nearly $600 million in assets under advisement. With their existing resources, they lack the time to conduct thorough manager research and ongoing due diligence as well as client portfolio rebalancing and performance measurement reporting.


    This IAG Member constructed their entire investment platform around the Callan Unified Managed Accounts (UMA) platform. The Callan UMA platform has allowed our IAG Member to significantly grow and scale their practice.

    The Callan UMA enables our IAG Member to outsource many of the more time-consuming (though critical) aspects of their business. Specifically, the UMA provides portfolio rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting, and detailed performance reporting, thus allowing our IAG Member to focus on generating new business and servicing existing clients.

  • Helping our IAG Members achieve greater uniformity and scalability


    This IAG Member is a boutique investment adviser based in the Southwestern United States. The firm has only five employees and consults to approximately $750 million in assets under advisement. The professionals are experienced and consult to multiple client types, but found themselves spread thin and drifting from their core competencies.


    Callan helped the IAG Member refine its service model to emphasize uniformity, scalability, and a process-oriented investment philosophy. This adviser continues to rely heavily on Callan for research and manager due diligence.

    In addition to providing our IAG Member with access to Callan’s resources and research specialists, the relationship helps the firm control costs, which in turn allows them to offer superior value to clients. Rather than spend time and significant resources to build internally, the client is able to outsource research and manager due diligence to Callan, with IAG working as a collaborative partner.

  • Providing a boutique investment adviser with a marketing advantage


    This IAG Member is a Pacific Northwest-based boutique firm. They have four employees serving approximately 25 high-net-worth families ($20 million and up). Their clients do not have their own family offices, nor are they part of a multi-family office. Most of them are owners of closely held family businesses, so much of the adviser’s work involves estate tax planning, succession planning, investment advisory services, and advanced life insurance applications. The adviser’s challenge was a lack of resources to provide credible capital markets forecasting, manager research and due diligence, and portfolio reporting and monitoring.


    IAG provides the adviser with strategic capital market expectations, analytical tools, manager due diligence, and performance measurement capabilities. Leveraging Callan’s market presence and scale has been a strong marketing advantage for the firm. They also report that interaction with other IAG Member firms at Callan events has created additional opportunities for growth.