Institutional Investors

Trust Advisory Group (TAG)

Our Trust Advisory Group (TAG) specializes in the design, implementation, and ongoing management of multi-manager portfolios. Launched in 2006, this is Callan’s asset management division. All of TAG’s efforts are an extension of our traditional consulting work.

Utilizing Callan’s scale, experience, and resources, TAG applies a process-driven approach to building and maintaining efficient, low-cost multi-manager portfolios on behalf of institutional investors. All portfolios managed by TAG have three common attributes that we believe are critical to the success of any multi-manager portfolio: Top-down design, robust process, and operational efficiency.

Our Mandates

TAG is responsible for over $22 billion in institutional assets. Our mandates include:

  • Callan’s small cap and micro cap value funds
  • The Callan GlidePath® target date funds
  • The KP Retirement Path target date funds
  • A number of relationships where Callan serves as the outsourced CIO

GlidePath® Funds

The Callan GlidePath® Funds are a series of diversified investment funds or target maturity/target date funds. They are designed to be a “single-investment” solution for participants of defined contribution plans. By automatically adjusting their asset allocation to become more conservative over time, these funds are designed to achieve the appropriate level of risk for each stage of a participant's life.


  • Provide investors with efficient, diversified exposure to the key asset classes employed by large retirement plans
  • Automatically adjust the asset allocation of each fund to achieve an appropriate level of risk for each stage of a participant's life
  • Build a high-caliber team of institutional portfolio managers with a diverse set of views and a broad range of perspectives on the markets
  • Focus on fees and costs, employing a sensible blend of active and passive strategies, while working to keep fund expenses as low as possible

$526 million: Total estimated assets in the Callan GlidePath® Funds


In the outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) model (also known as “implemented consulting,” “discretionary consulting,” or “delegated consulting”), an institution shifts discretionary authority to an advisory firm to manage some or all of the investment functions typically performed by the investment committee.

Callan is pleased to work with investors in either a traditional or OCIO capacity, depending on which is more appropriate for their individual needs. Our OCIO methodology is an extension of our existing practices, with the same emphasis on customized, long-term, strategic approaches that have simple structures, favor proven investments, and do not try to time the market or be overly tactical. As with our traditional model, our OCIO practice leans on evaluation and implementation resources for support.

$2.8 billion: Total OCIO assets overseen by TAG

Multi-Manager Funds

Utilizing Callan’s scale, experience, and research resources, TAG applies a process-driven approach to building efficient, low-cost mixes of multi-manager funds with clearly articulated goals and objectives.

The sub-advisors within our multi-manager funds are selected based on rigorous evaluation, including a thorough review by Callan’s Global Manager Research Group, and the specific fund’s investment committee. Sub-advisors have authority over, and act as fiduciaries with respect to all security level decisions.

Diversified Alpha Small Cap Equity Fund

Our fund is designed to help meet challenges including limited capacity, high tracking error, and meeting institutional hiring criteria. We have approximately $502 million in AUM in the Fund.

Micro Cap Value Fund

The Callan Micro Cap Value Fund facilitates a platform from which more focused portfolios that use best-in-class sub-advisors can be created. The scale of the flagship fund creates efficiencies in terms of sub-advisory fees and operational expenses.

Data as of 12/31/16

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