Callan's DC Index in Detail

A three-part discussion about the DC Index
featuring Jamie McAllister, Greg Ungerman, and James Veneruso

Why We Created It, and What It Measures

The Callan DC Index™ was designed to be an easy and effective comparison tool for clients and others interested in evaluating their defined contribution plans. It measures performance, management fees, sources of growth, net cash flows, turnover within plans, and asset allocation.

What's Changed, What's Popular, and What's Next

Callan's DC Consulting Group is constantly evaluating the Index and the data that we gather for it. It tracks over 90 large DC plans representing approximately $190 billion in assets, and over time we have added new features, most recently the ability to track fees. Performance metrics are quite popular with clients, as are the data we gather on asset allocations. We are working on adding more data about managed accounts to the Index.


What It Tells Us About Plan Participants

The Callan DC Index also provides a wealth of information about the behavior of plan participants, based on how they are shifting their contributions. In particular, the DC Index has allowed us to measure the increasing popularity of target date funds within DC plans.