Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

Taking steps to protect our employees, clients, and industry during the global pandemic

Callan’s offices are closed and our employees have been successfully working from home since March 12, 2020. All of our employees are able to complete their normal job functions while working remotely using Callan applications and communication technologies.

We also suspended all business air travel for our employees beginning March 12, 2020, and have strongly encouraged tele/web conferencing for all meetings. In-person attendance at business conferences or other industry events has been suspended as well.

Our hearts go out to those directly affected by the virus and to those whose lives are being disrupted. We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust our response accordingly.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, and check back here for updates as the situation evolves.

Our consultants will be available and responsive (as always), and can be contacted by phone or email per normal course of business.

These policies will remain in effect until further notice.

Last updated December 1, 2020

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