Callan Connects Participants

The following firms have participated in Callan Connects since the program's inception in 2010


Atlanta (June): Blue Cloud Ventures, Dean Capital Management, Clifford Capital Partners,  Constitution Capital Partners, New World Capital, PIPV Capital, Redwood Investments, ThirtyNorth Investments

Boston (March) : 3EDGE Asset Management LP, Ascentia Asset Management, Goode Investment Management, Inc., Mark Asset Management Corporation, Portolan Capital Management, LLC, Turning Rock Partners, Villanova Investment Management Company, WRC


September: San Francisco
Concise Capital
Manhattan West
NBW Capital
Penserra Capital
White Pine Capital


May: Philadelphia
13D Management
Clifford Capital Partners, LLC
Gilman Hill Asset Management, LLC
HAV Capital LLC
Red Oak Capital
Triboro Investment Management
Value Investment Partners



March: Boston
Lloyd Jones Capital
Contrast Capital Management LLC
Hays Advisory
Madison Bay Capital Partners


November: New Jersey
Cognios Capital
Foresight Global Investors, Inc.
Greenwood Capital Associates
Grisanti Capital Management
Headhaul Capital Partners
Hollis Park Partners
Katalyst Investment Incubator
Lingerfelt CommonWealth Partners
Parliament Capital Management, LLC.
Raveneur Investment Group LP


September: San Francisco
Atlas Capital Advisors LLC
CG Asset Management LLC
Pier 88 Investment Partners
Sentinel Dome Partners, LLC
WPS Advisors Ltd


June: Chicago
American Private Equity Group
Anka Capital Management
CT Capital
Mosser Capital Management
North Point Global Investors
NuWave Investment Management
PTAM (PT Asset Management)
R-Squared Macro
Systima Capital Management

March: Boston
Bird Rock Asset Management
Brightwood Capital Advisors
CT Mason Inc.
Investment Management of Virginia
Matterhorn Capital Management
Millstreet Capital Management LLC
Piscataqua Capital Management, LLC
Wellesley Investment Advisors, Inc.


November: New Jersey
AlphaOne Capital Partners
Altum Capital Management
Boyle Capital
Flippin Bruce and Porter
Nile Capital
Princeton Capital Management
Red Ivy Capital
Sustainable Insight Capital Management

September: San Francisco
Alethea Capital Management
Aventis Asset Management
Cauldron Investments
Cavan Capital
Gator Capital Management
Lee Financial Group
Merk Investments
Merlin Asset Management/
Concert Wealth Management
Neosho Capital
New Sheridan Advisors
San Juan Asset Management
Van Hulzen Asset Management

June: Chicago
Arden Group
Convergence Investment Partners
Eachwin Capital
Henry James International Management
Torray Investment Management
Typhon Access LLC
Winslow Asset Management

March: Boston
Aegis Financial Corporation
Broadstone Real Estate, LLC
Clarkston Capital Partners LLC
FDO Partners, LLC
Foundry Partners, LLC
Julex Capital Management LLC
Markston International
Metis Global Partners
Pacer Advisors
Pacific Global Investment
Management Company
R.G. Associates, Inc.
Shikiar Asset Management
The Ithaka Group
Waypoint Asset Management


March: Boston
Aegis Financial Corporation
Broadstone Real Estate, LLC
Clarkston Capital Partners LLC
FDO Partners, LLC
Foundry Partners, LLC
Julex Capital Management LLC
Markston International
Metis Global Partners
Pacer Advisors
Pacific Global Investment
Management Company
R.G. Associates, Inc.
Shikiar Asset Management
The Ithaka Group
Waypoint Asset Management

October: New Jersey
Acertus Capital Management LLC
American Capital Management, Inc.
Princeton Capital Management, Inc.
TAH Management, LLC
GaveKal Capital LLC

August: San Francisco
AMI Asset Management
Equilibrium Capital
Kohala Capital Partners
North Shore Asset Management, LLC
Nuance Investments, LLC
Riverside Advisors, LLC
SGL Investment Advisors, Inc.
Triad Investment Management
Worth Venture Partners

May: Chicago
Ada Investments
Algert Coldiron Investors
Aquila Infrastructure Management
Drexel Hamilton Investment Partners
Hanseatic Management Services, Inc.
Pulse Capital Partners
Star America Infrastructure Partners

March: Dallas
Affinity Investment Advisors, LLC
Copeland Capital Management
Cozad Asset Management, Inc.
IronHorse Capital
Jonathan Rose Companies
Kirr, Marbach & Company, LLC
Merit Investment Management, LLC
Missouri Valley Partners
Oakview Capital Management
Reef Points
Strategic Capital Partners, LLC
Teton Advisors


November: Boston
Athena Global Investors LLC
Chancel Blue
CornerCap Investment Counsel
Curran Investment Management
First Fiduciary Investment Counsel
Griffin Asset Management
JAG Advisors
Marietta Investment Partners
Needham Funds, Inc.
Poplar Forest Capital, LLC
Redmond Asset Management, LLC
Wall Street Access Asset
Management LLC

July: Atlanta
Confluence Investment Management
Crest Investment Partners LLC
Double Eagle Capital
Financial Trust Asset Management
Fisher Lynch Capital
Granite Investment Advisors
Lakeshore Capital, LLC
Narwhal Capital Management
Pivot Point Advisors, LLC
Red Mountain Capital Partners LLC

April: Chicago
16th Amendment Advisors LLC
Appalachian Impact Fund
Capital Innovations, LLC
Corbin & Company
Cutler Capital Management
Cutler Investment Counsel, LLC
Fenimore Asset Management
J.M. Hartwell LP
Lizard Investors
New Century Investment Management
Oak Street Real Estate Capital LLC
Princeton Advisory Group, Inc.
Silva Capital Management LLC
Stewart Capital

February: New Jersey
Aqua Investment Management, LLC
Busara Advisors
Clear Harbor Asset Management
Elanus Capital Management, LLC
Headlands Capital Advisors
Intergeneration Capital
Renaissance Capital
SAIL Advisors
Sera Capital
ValueWorks LLC


November: San Francisco
Accuvest Global Advisors
Ada Investment Management, LP
Altrius Capital Management, Inc.
Athena Capital Advisors
Broe Real Estate Services Inc
Cove Street Capital, LLC
Griffith Properties, LLC
Harmonic Investment Advisors
Old West Investment Management, LLC
Pivot Point Capital
Robotti & Company Advisors, LLC
SeaCrest Investment Management, LLC

July: Denver
Belltower Advisors LLC
Century Management
Fairpointe Capital LLC
Gries Financial
Piermont Capital Management LLC
Sandhill Investment Management
The Graham & Dodd Fund LLC
The Philadelphia Trust Company
Wolf Asset Management

May: Chicago
12th Street Asset Management, LLC
ARGA Investment Management, LP
Emys Capital, LLC
ENDEX Capital Management, LLC
Endurance Capital, LLC
GFG Asset Management, LLC
Gimbal Capital Management
Horizon Investment Services LLC
Huber Capital Management, LLC
Matarin Capital Management, LLC
Pembroke Management Ltd
Robinson Value Management, Ltd
South Texas Money Management, Ltd
Swan Consulting, Inc.

January: Atlanta
Channing Capital Management, LLC
Dana Investment Advisors, Inc.
Energy Opportunities Capital
Management, LLC
Falcon Point Capital, LLC
Gramercy Advisors
KJ Capital Management LLC
Maryland Capital Management, Inc.
Orleans Capital Management
StoneRidge Investment Partners, LLC
Tandem Investment Advisors, Inc.


October: New Jersey
Cameron Capital Management
Credo Capital Management, LLC
Dean Capital Management, LLC
Dinsmore Capital Management
Greenfield Seitz Capital Management, LLC
Hughes Capital Management, Inc.
Linde, Hansen & Co., LLC
Seedling Capital, LLC
Tower Bridge Advisors
Verity Asset Management
Yellowstone Partners
Zevin Asset Management

July: Chicago
Castile Ventures
Clark Capital Management Group, Inc.
Hanoverian Capital, LLC
Harrison Street Real Estate
Innealta Capital
Monarch Partners Asset Management LLC
Opus Capital Management Inc.
Scully Capital Management, LLC
Tom Johnson Investment Management, Inc.
Union Heritage Capital Management
Wayne Hummer Asset Management, LLC

May: San Francisco
AMBS Investment Counsel, LLC
Arrowpoint Partners
Bayswater Asset Management
Buford, Dickson, Harper & Sparrow
Concerto Asset Management, LLC
Keel Asset Management, LLC
Loja Group LLC
Mission Creek Capital Partners, Inc.
Pluscios Management LLC
Provident Group
Runde & Co. LLC
Vision Capital Management, Inc.