"Callan College"
Introduction to Investments

October 15-16, 2019 in Chicago

Learn the fundamentals

This session familiarizes fund sponsor trustees, staff, and asset management advisers with basic investment theory, terminology, and practices. It lasts one-and-a-half days and is designed for individuals who are relatively new to institutional asset management oversight or looking to sharpen their existing skill set.

Participants will gain a fundamental understanding of the basic types of institutional funds, including their purpose within the structure of investment programs. The session includes:

  • A description of the different parties involved in the investment management process, including their roles and responsibilities;
  • A brief outline of the types and characteristics of different plans (i.e. defined benefit, defined contribution, endowments, foundations, and operating funds);
  • An introduction to fiduciary issues as they pertain to fund management and oversight;
  • An overview of capital market theory, characteristics of various asset classes, and the processes by which fiduciaries implement their investment sessions.

This course is beneficial to anyone involved in the investment management process, including: trustees and staff members of public, corporate and Taft-Hartley retirement funds (defined benefit / defined contribution); trustees and staff members of endowment and foundation funds; representatives of family trusts; and investment management professionals and staff involved in client service, business development, consultant relations and portfolio management

Continuing Education, Cost and Lodging

The “Callan College” Introductory Session qualifies for the following Continuing Education Credits based on a 50 minute hour:

  • CFA: 8 Credits
  • CFP: 8 Credits
  • CPE: 8 Credits

The tuition for this session is $2,350 per person. The fee includes instruction, all materials, breakfast and lunch on each day, and a dinner with instructors on the first evening.

If you are looking for accommodations while in San Francisco or Chicago, Callan is a member of Club Quarters, with locations near Callan's offices.  Please contact Barb Gerraty for further information, or look for details in your confirmation email after you register.