June 2020 Regional Workshops

June 23 & June 25 - Virtual
8:00-10:30 a.m. PT

As we navigate the challenges of the global pandemic, we are continuing to provide our clients with our portfolio of live events virtually.

The Retirement Income Dating Game: Finding the Right Fit for Your Plan

What is retirement income, who needs it, and how should a plan go about deciding whether to offer a solution? 

In this session, you will learn how to assess the need for a retirement income solution and what type of solution is a good fit based on plan characteristics. Explore what plan characteristics lend themselves to the various approaches to retirement income and the solutions available in the marketplace, as well as the operational and communication aspects necessary for successful adoption.

The goal is finding the best match for your plan based on the characteristics and demographics. Callan presenters include:

Similar to our live events, Premier clients are allotted two spots to the workshops. They can both be used on the same day or one space per presentation day. Standard members are allotted one spot to one of the workshops. Following the virtual presentation, we are planning to create smaller breakout rooms in an effort to provide dialogue with Callan representatives and colleagues.