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For more information about Callan's IAG Services, contact Tim Pollard at 770.618.2146 or pollard@callan.com.

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OpCenter is the on-line gateway for IAG Member Firms to access Callan's research and insights on mutual fund and separate account managers.

Middle Market Matrix (MAX) ™

Callan’s Middle Market Matrix — “MAX” — is a collection of separate account managers and mutual funds, categorized by investment style, that have passed Callan’s thorough due-diligence process.

MAX provides a high quality and efficient means for middle market investors to select investment managers.

We define middle market investors as retirement plans, endowments and foundations, and qualified high-net-worth individuals and family businesses that have $5 million to $150 million in investable assets.

MAX is unique in that it is a client-centered, objective manager search and selection platform. It is not a “wrap-fee” program, nor are searches conducted in any way that could impair our objectivity on behalf of middle market investors.

IAG Member Firms use MAX to provide their clients access to institutional quality managers at favorable fees and minimums.